2016 Street Stock/Hobby Stocks

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For the “Ron Heard Memorial Race” and the remaining 2016 regular season events.any Hobby /Street Stock from another track will be welcomed to run their track rules with the following exception. Hoosier Mediums, Holly 500 2bbl. and MUFFLERS are mandatory. Any other deviation from EBRP rules, will have to add 50 lbs. in front of the flywheel. Any deviations from EBRP rule book need to be brought to Steve O’lone’s attention before race.

2016 East Bay Raceway Park
HOBBY(Street) STOCK Rules

1. Only American-made sedans with a minimum of 108″ wheel base plus or minus 1″. NO front wheel drive vehicles allowed.
NO convertibles or compact-size bodies. Racing seats and belts mandatory. Must have a complete roll cage around driver. Must have thee horizontal safety bars on left side.
2. Street Stock bodies must remain stock appearing.
Stock appearing roofs and window panels only. Fiberglass, steel or aluminum allowed. Any roof or window panel not stock will have to be stock appearing and stock dimensions. All upholstery must be removed. All glass must be removed and a safety screen installed in the space of the windshield. Full window screen mandatory (See General Safety Rules.) All safety bars must be approved and padded. All cars must have complete firewall and floor pan. Complete means that it must go from door post to door post and from in front of drivers pedals to behind main hoop of cage. The firewall and floorpan do not have to be stock as supplied by manufacturer and can be made of aluminum or steel. Inside drivers area may be boxed similar to that of a Late Model, but it still has to have floorpan under boxing. See Tech Inspector for specifics before you do it. If it does not meet his specs you will be required to remove it. There must be three bars in front of driver at windshield, see Tech. Must have full window screen – 1 x 2 minimum. NO stock bumpers with sharp edges. All bumpers must have rounded ends turning back towards frame rails. NO ROUGH END OR JAGGED BUMPERS.
Wedge or sloped nose bodies will not be allowed a spoiler.
Stock appearing noses mounted in stock appearing manner will be allowed to run a spoiler.
Open motors— 5″ (five) spoiler.
GM Crate Motors—6″ (six) spoiler
Either spoiler is allowed a maximum of 2 (two) flat sideboards, no more than 6″ (six) total length and no more than 3″ (three) forward from bottom mounting point of spoiler. Sideboards can not be more than 7″ (seven) tall. All sideboards must have rounded edges on top corners (front and back). 1 (one) bracket is allowed inside spoiler, but must not be more than 1″ (one) taller than the spoiler and no more than 3″ (three) forward from bottom mounting point of spoiler. Spoiler will be allowed a maximum 1/2″ wicker bill. Maximum width of spoiler (outside to outside) is 72″ (seventy-two).

BODY WIDTH: Maximum 72” across top of rear deck
Maximum 76” across center of car.
Maximum 82” across bottom of car.
Hood Scoop: Maximum 4” tall by 18” long.
3. Street Stock suspension is as follows:
Racing springs and shocks are permitted. No coils over shocks. Coil springs do not have to be the same size diameter side to side or front to rear. Minimum coil spring size is five(5) inches +or – ¼ inch outside diameter. Leaf springs can be different size from side to side and have different number of leafs side to side. NO lengthening or shortening of A-frames or spindles. Spring buckets may be adjustable. Shock mounts must remain in relative stock location. Bottom shock mounts on rear end only may be moved 2 inches.
Rear trailing arms must be OEM STOCK. NO aftermarket, adjustable or heim joint trailing arms allowed. Rubber, nylon or mono-ball bushings allowed. Trailing arms must be same length. Top two the same length and bottom two the same length. Top does not have to be the same length as bottom. Stock rear trailing arms will be allowed to add bracing to strengthen them. No shortening or lenghtening will be allowed. Must remain stock OEM length.
One steel shock per wheel only. NO aluminum shocks. No adjustable shocks (fixed only). Wedge bolts are optional.
$200 PER SHOCK CLAIM RULE for all shocks. All claims for shocks should be done according to East Bay Raceway Park protest rules. Protest/claim forms are available from head tech man. Any driver refusing to sell claimed shock will be determined illegal, lose all points and monies for that event and car or driver will not be allowed to compete in the next 2 scheduled events. Second refusal will result in 6 weeks of not being allowed to compete in Street Stock class.
OEM Stock or non-adjustable Tubular-type upper A-Frames, mounting of stock or tubular a-frames is optional.
Adjustable upper control arms will be allowed on front of car. Will have to add 50 lbs. in front of flywheel if you run adjustable upper control arms.
Heim joints or swedge tubes must be steel only.
No aluminum heim joints or swedge tubes.
Aftermarket upper mounts allowed, ball joints optional. Tie rods optional.
Centerlink optional. Aftermarket allowed.
Stock OEM Lower control arms must be mounted in stock location for year and make of car. Ball joints and sway bar optional.
After-marketing steering components will be permitted. After market steering components must be similar and/or replacement in type to the OEM application for the make and model of the vehicle.
4. Steering quickeners O.K.
5. Unibody frames may be tied together. Check with Tech Inspector.
6. Pipe bumpers mandatory–no O.E. bumpers. Ends must be rounded off. NO sharp edges. Must not extend past body of car.
7. No aluminum driveshafts.
8. GM cars must run GM engine. Ford cars must run Ford engines.
9. Batteries may be placed inside of car. All batteries must be safely covered and secured. Only one 12-volt battery per car. NO 18-volt batteries.
10. Stock fuel tank must be removed. Mandatory fuel cell must be mounted securely in trunk area. Gasoline only. No electric fuel pumps. Minimum
four straps around tank. Fuel tanks 22-gallon max. Fuel petroleum base. (Gas) regular pump-type gas, cam 2 or equivalent. NO trick additives. NO alcohol.
11. Street Stock drivers will be allowed to race in both Fastrak Crate Late Model events and World Street Stock events during the WinterNationals event only. Any driver regardless of experience will be allowed to drive in this event. During the regular East Bay Raceway Park season, drivers will not be allowed to run in Street Stock class and any other class on the same night
12. Street stocks must weigh a minimum of 3100 pounds.
Crate engine cars must weight a minimum 3000 pounds.
13. Rear pan hard bar is optional.
14. Non-ported stock O.E.M. cast iron block only.
All engine parts must have casting or part numbers on them for identification. Engines must remain stock as manufactured with the following exceptions.
ENGINE SETBACK: All engines must be located with the number 1 spark plug even with or ahead of the left front ball joint.
14A. GM Crate Motor #88958602 is legal to run in the Street Stock class with a Holley 4412 carburetor. Carburetor must pass track gauges. The GM 602 motor will be allowed to run with factory sealed aluminum intake and oil pan as long as all seal bolts are proper and have not been tampered with. ALL GM 602 crate motors must have either original factory seals or seals from an EAST BAY RACEWAY PARK approved re-builder. All re-builds must be arranged thru EBRP officials in advance of re-build. Any other re-builds will not be accepted for competition. ONLY GM 602 Crate motors with proper un-tampered seals or seal bolts will be allowed to run Gm intake #12366573 dual plane intake, all other motors will be required to run a Quadra-Jet intake. ONLY GM 602 Crate Motors with proper un-tampered seals or seal bolts will be allowed to run GM oil pan #25534353 ONLY, all other motors will be required to run Stock, OEM Stock replacement or racing oil pans for this event.
Crate Motors will be allowed to be rebuilt with oversize pistons. MAHL pistons assembly part #930127805 that are .005 oversize will be the ONLY piston that will be allowed to be used. These rebuilds are only allowed to be done by either Robert Delgado or Jimmy Dodge at this time. Any other builders will have to be approved in advance by East Bay Raceway Park and only use approved seals for the motors
15. Block: only the following engines and over bores listed below will be accepted.
All engines must maintain stock bore and stroke combination.
CHRYSLER 340 CI 4.040″ BORE X 3.314 STROKE
16. You may deck the block – pistons must not protrude above deck. NO TOLERANCE.
17. SCREENS – oil restrictions – lifter tray legal no other machine work allowed on block.
a) 3 Ring flat top pistons only.
b) Cast – Hypereutectic – OK – 2 or 4 Eye Brow
c)NO light weight, NO gapless rings. TRW Power Forged #2256 is OK.
Cast iron O.E.M. stock production or any aftermarket cast iron STOCK REPLACEMENT (SR) heads ONLY. Head must be originally manufactured for 1.94″ intake and 1.50″ exhaust valves.
Dart Heads allowed: #10021070, 10021171, 10024361, 10024361A, 10024360, 10024360A
#10024365, 10024365A
a) Valve size must match original stock production, for casting being used.
b) Max valve size 1.94″ intake & 1.50″ exhaust.
c) 1 piece solid valve only.
d) Valve stem diameter Chevy 11/32, Ford 11/32, Chrysler 3/8, Ford-.005.
e) Milling of head combustion side only.
f) Valve springs stock diameter.
g) Heads may be machined to accept large valve springs; valve spring size no larger than 1.300.
h) Screw-in studs and guide plates – poly lock nuts, pinning of studs –
All O.K.
i) 1.5 Roller rockers only allowed. NO 1.6 roller rockers allowed.
a. Stock for engine being used. NO grinding, polishing, shot peen or knife edging.
Drilling allowed for balancing purposes only.
b. Eagle 4340 #435034815700 Steel Stock Replacement approved. Eagle #103503480 OEM Spec Replacement (cast) approved.
c. 3.480 Stroke Cast Crank minimum weight 48 Lb. and Steel Crank minimum weight 51 Lb.
d. Harmonic balancers: MUST BE STEEL ONLY. NO fluid or bead filled harmonic balancers.
e. Flywheels: Minimum weight on flywheel is 14 lbs. NO TOLERANCE ALLOWED.
No drilling or lightening of pressure plate allowed.
21. RODS
a. Stock for engine being used.
Eagle Stock Replacement # SIR5700BPLW (565 grams) approved.
b. Heavy Duty – APR – bolts and nuts allowed
Scat #3-1CR5700P allowed.
c. Any sportsman Chevy 5.7 rods/ Ford 6.0 rods / Mopar 6.123 rods. NO H beam rods. Floating wrist pins OK. No aluminum rods.
a. Hydraulic solid lift flat tappet cam allowed
b. NO rollers – NO mushroom lifters.
c. Lifter tray is legal in side of valley.
No gear or belt drives allowed.
d. Offset keyway – 3-way crank gear. Cam offset key – Cam button allowed.
a. No dry sump systems
b. Oil Pans: Maximum price for oil pan is $150. If your pan is not listed, call tech.
The following oil pans are legal for use.
SUMMIT RACING– Chevrolet–# SUM-121001, SUM-121002, SUM-G3507,
SUM-G3507X, ALL-26133 or ALL-26132.
SPEEDWAY MOTORS– Chevrolet-#91015137, 91015138, 91015139,
91715120, 91715121, 91715122,
54521322, 54521316, 54521317
or 54521320.
Ford-#91715115 or 91715110.
JR MOTORSPORTS– Chevrolet-#PRC-9971044, PRC-9971042,
PRC-9971054, KEV-1086,

c. Inspection hole in left side of pan for rod – crank inspection.
1.Chevrolet Stock OEM or Edelbrock EDL#5001 torker or 2101 performer allowed.

3. FORD STOCK OEM OR Edelbrock #5081 torker or# 2181 performer allowed.
4. MOPAR STOCK OEM OR Edelbrock # 5076 torker (recommended) or 2176 performer allowed.
Check your part number. If it is not listed for a stock production automobile, it is not going to pass tech. NO high performance parts unless approved.
a. Holley 4412 mandatory. MUST pass track tech gauges.
b. No performance carburetors. NO Holley 4412HP carburetors will be allowed. NO AFTERMARKET METERING BLOCKS ALLOWED, stock 4412 metering blocks only.
c. No air filter hats
d. No air boxes
e. No duct work to air cleaner
f. Round-type air cleaners only
g. Choke and outside linkage may be removed
h. Maximum 1.65″ height adapter plate (including gaskets).
Stock OEM, stock replacement or stock appearing distributor with internal coil distributors ONLY.
HEI or dual points with only one set of points operable.
All stock distributors must have factory casting numbers on housing. Any stock replacement distributors must be approved by EBRP Tech.
Modules must be stock or stock replacement ONLY!
Modules must be factory type sealed units.
Coil must remain in distributor and be stock or stock replacement ONLY.
Coil must fit in stock cap. Only one coil will be allowed on car.
NO ACCEL, MSD OR HIGH PERFORMANCE COILS Any variations or exceptions must be cleared IN WRITING by East Bay Raceway Park tech.
a. Stock OEM distributors only
b. No trigger ignition system
c. Coil must remain in distributor
d. Point style Ignition – Dual points O.K. but only one set working
e. Stock-type coil only–must fit stock cap
f. Only one coil will be allowed on car
a. Water pump, cast iron or aluminum allowed.
b. Radiator fan; steel only (no flex or plastic)
c. No electric fans or pumps
d. Aluminum pulleys are allowed on crank or water pump. NO racing harmonic balancers.
e. Steel or aluminum water pump pulleys allowed.
f. Radiator – mounted in stock location
g. Radiator – steel or aluminum
h. Lower pulley can be aluminum
a. Fuel subject to testing at anytime
b. Any infraction of fuel rule will result in a complete disqualification
East Bay Raceway Park is located in Hillsborough County, State of Florida, therefore, we are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County. These rules and regulations require us to make it mandatory that each and every car competing at East Bay Raceway Park has a sound deadening device ( muffler) installed properly and in proper working order at all times. This is a county ordinance and will be strictly enforced.
The required and mandatory muffler for use at East Bay Raceway Park is the Schoenfeld 112535 or 112530. This is the only approved muffler and must be as supplied by the manufacturer. Any alterations of any kind will be cause for disqualification from that event.
Even with muffler, the maximum decibel level allowed is 98 decibels, measured at trackside. Any car measured above the 98 decibels will be required to make changes to get under the 98 decibel level. If there is any question about muffler, Tech man will need to see inside the muffler, if he can not see inside the muffler while on car, you will be required to take muffler off car to prove that muffler has not been altered.
The penalty for altering a muffler or losing a muffler in any race will be disqualification from that race and forfeiture of all monies and/or points for that race. This penalty does not affect any race except the race in which the muffler was declared illegal or missing. (i.e. heat race does not effect feature race or vice versa) If it happens in heat race, you lose starting position for feature event and must start in rear of next event whether it is feature event or another qualifying event. As long as muffler is in place and in proper working order, you will receive all points and/or monies for that particular race. For the regular season, the penalty of starting in the rear for the next 2 weeks does not apply to the muffler rule.
a 3″ maximum outlet
b. Must be under car
c. No cherry bombs or cut-out mufflers
d. Schoenfeld #112535 mufflers are mandatory with 98 decimals at trackside
Schoenfeld #112530 mufflers are also allowed.
a. Must remain stock as intended for street use
b. All gears in working order
c. Three, 4 – speed cast or aluminum O.K.
d. Auto transmission must have torque converter in working order
a. Conventional clutches minimum of 10″ disc
b. Hydraulic throw-out bearings or master/slave cylinders release bearings are allowed.
c. L-88 flywheel – legal. Minimum weight is 14 lbs. NO TOLERANCE.
d. Mini-starter – legal

a. 6M 10 – 12 Bolt O.K. – 9″ Ford O.K.
b. 5-lug axles only – Harden axles O.K.
c. Mini-Spools (hardened) or full spools allowed.
d. No Detroit lockers. No limited slip or positractions. NO ratchet type rear ends. No Gold-trac differentials.
Track approved tires as supplied by EAST BAY RACEWAY PARK Racing Tire Division
26.5 or 27.5-15 Hoosier A40, A40S or Medium only! All 3 tires will be allowed for the WinterNationals events. After the first 6 events of the regular season, the only tire allowed will be the Hoosier Medium for the remainder of the season.
Siping of tires is allowed. No Grooving of tires allowed. Buffing or grinding allowed.
No tire softeners. No soaking of tires. No preheating of tires. No chemicals of any type which alter softness of rubber allowed on or inside tire except oxygen or nitrogen. If found, tires will be confiscated, driver will receive a minimum $500 fine, loss of all points, accrued to date and/or possible suspension. This could turn into an EPC problem if it continues. No grinding or removal of factory markings. No snow chains.
Wheels: 8″ or 10″ STEEL WHEELS ONLY.
Bead-locks allowed on right side ONLY.
NO driver controlled adjusters allowed in driver’s area.
Dual or single reservoir pedals allowed.
NO adjustment cables or valves that allow driver to change brake bias
during the running of an event will be allowed.
NO scalloped, gun drilled, cooling grooves or lightened brake rotors allowed.
Stock OEM replacement rotors ONLY.
NO aluminum calipers allowed. Stock OEM replacement calipers ONLY.
35. This is a protest division. Protest must be done properly in accordance with East Bay Raceway Park protest rules.
1. Only a registered car owner or driver in competition may file a protest.

2. All protests must be made in writing and must specifically identify the nature of the protest. Protest forms will be available from the tech man in the tech area at any time.

3. The protest form must be filled out properly and legible, signed by the protester and must be accompanied by the appropriate protest fee in cash.

4. The protest ( written, signed, and accompanied by the appropriate fee) must be presented to the East Bay Raceway Park flagman on the front straight immediately following the completion of the race event.
If driver exits out turn one gate before filing protest or claim, there will be no claim or protest allowed

5. The protest must be made prior to race or immediately following completion of the event on front straight to the East Bay Raceway Park flagman. Driver must have form and appropriate fee turned over to flagman before protest will be allowed. NO PROTESTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE FILED IN TECH AREA.

6. If the protest requires examination and /or tear down of the protested car, only TWO designated individuals from the protested crew and one designated individual from the protesting crew may be present in the impound area.

7. The rules outlined in the Conduct section of this rule book will apply to all activities in this impound area.

7A. Protest Time Limit:
Engine in protested car must be pulled out and ready for final inspection a maximum of 2 hours after completion of the final event of the night. A 30 minute cool down period may be added if protest is from final event to the night.

8. IF a car is protested and found to be illegal, if the car is protested and owners refuse to tear down, if tech decides to check any item and owners refuse to allow check, or owner admits under protest that the car is illegal, the following penalties will apply:
1: car will lose all points and monies for that event.
2: car will start all heat and feature events in the rear for their next 2 race events.

9. A $500.00 protest fee will be applied for the protest of one specific item (pulling a head to look at the top of the piston). However, looking at a piston, rod or crank will constitute a complete tear down covered in Rule 11.

10. If the car is found to be legal, the protest will be disallowed and the $400.00 of the protest fee will go to the protested car owner and $100.00 of the fee will go to East Bay Raceway Park to defray additional expenses.

11. A $750.00 protest fee will be applied to any protest requiring complete engine tear down. This will include, but not be limited to, the inspection of the pistons, rods, or crank. If the car is found to be legal, the protest will be disallowed and $550.00 of this fee will go to the protested car owner and $200.00 to East Bay Raceway Park in order to defray associated expenses.

12. If the protest is found to be valid and the protested car is illegal, the protest fee will be returned to the protester. The owner of the illegal car must pay $100.00 to East Bay Raceway Park for a $500.00 protest or $200.00 to East Bay Raceway Park if it is a $750.00 protest. Monies must be paid before the car can compete again at East Bay Raceway Park.

13. During the protest, the TECH INSPECTOR will be looking for other illegal items. If he finds such an item, you will lose points and monies for that night, even if the original protested item was found to be legal. The illegal item will be the property of East Bay Raceway Park at the time.

Under a P & G situation, if there is a discrepancy on cubic inch readings, but the car owner maintains that the engine is a different cubic inch, the following procedure will be used to resolve the discrepancy: If the car owner agrees, East Bay Raceway Park will tear down the engine and determine actual cubic inches by measuring bore & stroke of engine. If car owner does not agree to this, engine will be declared illegal.

14. Any illegal part or engine may be confiscated by the racetrack.

15. Any protest requiring tear down of engine during the preliminary nights will be done after the completion of the main event on the final night. Engine will be marked by EBRP tech officials. If illegal, changes in finishing order and pay-offs will be done at that time. If there is a protest on the preliminary events, all monies for top 10 finishers may be held until after this tear-down has been finished.


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM THE PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended entirely as a guide for the conduct of the sport and in no way guarantee against injury or death to any participant, spectator or official.

The race director or Head Tech Inspector shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. ANO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATIONS OR DEVIATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials and is final and binding.

On occasion when situations arise that are not covered by written rules herein, special rulings may be put into effect by the track officials. Once such rulings are acted upon, they may become an act of policy and will be added to the existing rules of procedures.

The Management of East Bay Raceway Park

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