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11/1/16 OPEN WHEEL MODIFIED Rules Addendum

As it has been brought to our attention that a majority of Open Wheel Modifieds have either installed a shut-off valve or taken the right front caliper off the car, we are making an addendum to the East Bay Raceway Park rule book effective immediately. As of this time, the rule will read that “4 wheel brakes are optional. Right front shut-off valves or taking RF caliper off is allowed. The remainder of the brake rules will remain as written.

This is for the East Bay Raceway Park regular season or special events ONLY, NOT for the Sunshine State Modified Tour WinterNationals events!

After talking with Mr. Driggers of the UMP organization, the rules for brakes during the Sunshine State Modified Tour WinterNationals and Volusia Speedweeks in February will remain the same and using either the shut-off valve or taking the caliper off will be cause for disqualification during those events. Just giving you a heads up for those events.


For the “Ron Heard Memorial Race” and the remaining 2016 regular season events.any Hobby /Street Stock from another track will be welcomed to run their track rules with the following exception. Hoosier Mediums, Holly 500 2bbl. and MUFFLERS are mandatory. Any other deviation from EBRP rules, will have to add 50 lbs. in front of the flywheel. Any deviations from EBRP rule book need to be brought to Steve O’lone’s attention before race.


Engine rule #1 will read : Stock for make and model. GM 350, Chrysler 360 or Ford 351 maximum engine size +.060 over for rebuilds.
Engine location in stock position for make and model using factory mounts or optional steel aftermarket mounts.

August 10, 2016 – ALL Open Wheel Modified Drivers Please Read The Following:

2016 Open Wheel Modified Tire Rule Addendum

For the remainder of the 2016 season, the tire rule for the Open Wheel Modifieds will be as follows: Hoosier Medium, Hard, A40, A40S or H only. The minimum durometer rule will be announced in drivers meeting and will apply to all tires.

Special note: for all 50 lap races, tire samples will be pulled from winner, 2nd place and a random position and sent for lab test to make sure tires are not treated with softening chemicals. Some samples may be pulled from heat race tires, also. Samples from heat race tires may or may not be sent to lab.

We will stock the Hoosier Medium and Hard tire in the tire shop. The Hoosier A40, A40S or H will be special order, paid in advance only. We are opening this rule to help cars from other tracks to be able to participate without having to buy 4 tires.

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