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AJ Maddox Picks Up The Win For The Final Night Of The Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints Season At East Bay Raceway Park

GIBSONTON — At East Bay Raceway it was AJ Maddox picking up the win for the Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints. Also winning tonight was Dustin Cates in the Micro Sprints, Thomas Pratt in the Dirts4Racing Hobby Stocks Feature, George Handy in the 4 Cylinder Bombers, Phillip Cobb in the Limited Late Models.

In the Micro Sprints 15-lap feature it was Dustin Cates picking up his tenth win of the season holding off a hard charging Paul Seburn for second and Chris Zimmerman for third.

In the Dirts4Racing Hobby Stocks 20-lap feature it was Thomas Pratt picking up the win over Greg Crowe and Tommy Hill.

In the Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints 25-lap feature it was AJ Maddox picking up the win and the Jeff Barfield Clean Sweep Award over the unofficial 2016 Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints Series Champion Matt Kurtz and finishing in the third spot was Mark Ruel, Jr..

In the 4 Cylinder Bombers 15-lap feature it was George Handy holding off the hard charging of Robert Kissam who came home second with Bailey Purcell finishing in the third spot.

And in the final feature of the night it was the Limited Late Models going topless for 15-laps with Phillip Cobb winning and Roger Crouse second and Shan Smith in the third spot.

Action continues next Saturday night with the Donnie Tanner Memorial Series 50-laps Topless for Late Models Race #4. Also racing will be the Outlaw Fours Topless, V8 Warriors, Florida Old Time Modifieds, 4 Cylinder Bombers and next weekend will be a Special Event pricing. For more information visit or call 813-677-7223.

Saturday’s results

Micro Sprints (15-laps)
1. 6 Dustin Cates
2. 23 Paul Seburn
3. 2 Chris Zimmerman
4. 29 Joseph Taylor
5. 3 Joe Bartow
6. 0 Jerod Meyers
7. 17h Brian Harper
8. 3d Don T. Quinn
9. 7 Mike Meyers (DNS)

Dirts4Racing Hobby Stocks (15-laps)
1. 22 Thomas Pratt
2. 89c Greg Crowe
3. 1H Tommy Hill
4. 7 Matthew Grissom
5. 89 David Barwick, II
6. 71 Richard Livernois, Jr.
7. 35 Michael Whipple
8. 69x Jimmy Baker

Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints (25-laps)
1. 3A AJ Maddox
2. 82 Matt Kurtz
3. 83 Mark Ruel, Jr.
4. 5 Hayden Campbell
5. 88 Sport Allen
6. 19 Keith Butler
7. 3 Dennis Misuraca
8. 3H Garrett Green
9. 11 Andy Kelley
10. 28 Bryan Eckley
11. 02 Gene Lasker
12. 20 Frank Carlsson
13. 1 Freddie McCall, Jr.
14. 00 Harley Zimmerman
15. 01 Anthony D’Alessio
16. 07 Clint Reynolds
17. B2 Chuck Barlow
18. 16 Ben Fritz
19. 17c Aileen Collins-Love
20. 22s Shawn Murray
21. 89 Johnny Gilbertson (DNS)

4 Cylinder Bombers (15-laps)
1. 22 George Handy
2. 911 Robert Kissam
3. 14b Bailey Purcell
4. T2 Thomas Adams
5. 24 Dave Wilber
6. 07 Wayne Kissam
7. 22a Paul Grooms
8. 07m Matt Owen

Limited Late Models (15-laps)
1. 03 Phillip Cobb
2. 15 Roger Crouse
3. 34 Shan Smith
4. 21 Forrest Gough
5. 27b John Bradley
6. 7jr Jesse Brown
7. 7T Jonathan Thomas
8. 13 Andrew Hopkins
9. 66 Ricky Land
10. 965 Henry Burnside
11. 13b Thomas Burnside
12. 515 Ronnie Burnett

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