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2016 Open Wheel Modified Tire Rule Addendum – Attention ALL Open Wheel Modified Drivers, Please Read The Following:

August 10, 2016 – ALL Open Wheel Modified Drivers Please Read The Following:

2016 Open Wheel Modified Tire Rule Addendum

For the remainder of the 2016 season, the tire rule for the Open Wheel Modifieds will be as follows: Hoosier Medium, Hard, A40, A40S or H only. The minimum durometer rule will be announced in drivers meeting and will apply to all tires.

Special note: for all 50 lap races, tire samples will be pulled from winner, 2nd place and a random position and sent for lab test to make sure tires are not treated with softening chemicals. Some samples may be pulled from heat race tires, also. Samples from heat race tires may or may not be sent to lab.

We will stock the Hoosier Medium and Hard tire in the tire shop. The Hoosier A40, A40S or H will be special order, paid in advance only. We are opening this rule to help cars from other tracks to be able to participate without having to buy 4 tires.

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