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Published on April 7th, 2016 | by eastbayupdates


2016 V8 Warrior Shock Clarification

2016 V8 Warrior Shock Clarification

Original Equipment Replacement(O.E.M.) shocks only. Factory numbers must be intact and readable. When looking these numbers up in racing or manufacturers catalogs, it must not say racing shock. One steel shock per wheel only. No Aluminum shocks. Non-adjustable shocks only. Factory sealed, monotube steel body only. No screw-in type cap shocks that can be adjusted. No shrader valves. No canister shocks.

Claim rule price is now $100 per shock. Any claim must be done by East Bay Raceway Park protest and claim rules. Claim forms are available from Head Tech Man in tech shed.

If there is a discrepancy or question about your shock, you need to bring it to Steve O’Lone before you install and run it. If you run it and it is wrong, you will be disqualified.

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